Client Name fares brayek
Date Dec 05, 2022
Overall Testimonial I'm happy with the improving of quality services . Speaking with the service team helped me get exactly what I really want . Great fast and helpful service . | Source | Google Review |
Overall Rating
Client Name Ben Cooper
Date Nov 12, 2022
Overall Testimonial No opinion posted. (Just rated) Re-posted due to old review removal.
Overall Rating
Client Name Michael Hoffmann
Date Oct 05, 2022
Overall Testimonial Paid my server, but still not start again.
Overall Rating
Client Name cabrn cabr
Date Jul 15, 2022
Overall Testimonial These guys provide a very good service. Offered me a loyalty discount + went beyond their duty by helping me setup programs on my server which they didn't have to do.
Overall Rating
Client Name Liam Anderson
Date May 03, 2022
Overall Testimonial I have been a customer with RootLayer for a number of years, and the reason behind this is simple. Their service and customer service exceeds expectations in every way possible. Uptime of their services is impeccable and unmatched by other providers, and this is why I have continued and will continue to do business with their amazing team for many years to come.
Overall Rating
Client Name Arkhip Kruglov
Date Apr 15, 2022
Overall Testimonial I use this service for almost 3 years and i didnt have problem at all, i love this service and i will continue to do so. keep it up.
Overall Rating
Client Name GODSPOWER iheme
Date Mar 19, 2022
Overall Testimonial The service is extra wonderful and excellent.. I applaud you all but look into ip cleansing thanks I love the service.
Overall Rating
Client Name Artex hosting
Date Mar 14, 2022
Overall Testimonial I love rootlayer, been using it for a few years now and the delivery time is great
Overall Rating
Client Name mysterious defy
Date Mar 08, 2022
Overall Testimonial the best server you could ever use in a windows dedicated server, friendly amount per servers and always online. hes always available to attend to your problems.
Overall Rating
Client Name ssg toolz
Date Feb 03, 2022
Overall Testimonial Reliable. I enjoyed using RootLayer and never regretted using it as my server RootLayer has been very STABLE, SATIFISFYING and RELIABLE.
Overall Rating
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