Client Name David Stirling
Date Jun 26, 2021
Overall Testimonial Frankly if it was few months back i would have given it a 3 stars because your support then was very slow. but in the last one month your support has been very amazing and the products are very user friendly so you have my 5 stars. |Source| |
Overall Rating
Client Name arijanit ujkani
Date Feb 09, 2021
Overall Rating
Client Name fares brayek
Date Jan 17, 2021
Overall Testimonial there is big delayyyy here
Overall Rating
Client Name tulick Nku
Date Jan 15, 2021
Overall Testimonial the service is very nice and has good quality and customer service best of it kind. Thanks |Source | Trustpilot |
Overall Rating
Client Name Francesco Sicilia
Date Dec 28, 2020
Overall Testimonial Great support and very good services
Overall Rating
Client Name A. Hackney
Date Nov 30, 2020
Overall Testimonial vps is fastest i ve ever seen. customer service excellent. I dont need to know of any other service providers as long as rootlayer is still a click away | Source | |
Overall Rating
Client Name Mathis Selvi
Date Nov 20, 2020
Overall Testimonial Been using a RootLayer server for a year now with no issues at all. The team is very responding and helpful. It's been a wonderful experience for me so far. Highly recommended! | Source | |
Overall Rating
Client Name Rheep Trel
Date Nov 11, 2020
Overall Testimonial Huge vouch to RootLayer, been a customer since 2017 and support has always helped me great. | Source | |
Overall Rating
Client Name Maz Abnor
Date Oct 30, 2020
Overall Testimonial Thank You! This is great website until now that I have been paying / connecting There was small problems, but this Is great And awsome and everyone must try this and can be taked a good look Also its about what you are paying. Veteran 4 Years. VPS. RootLayer is the best website! | Source | |
Overall Rating
Client Name Joe Marshall
Date Oct 11, 2020
Overall Testimonial Everything works fine for couple of months until one day the server is just unreachable, i ask in support what is going on - no reply. I check their network status page, news page, my email for maybe some info regarding this - nothing. After 10 hours support replies to me that they "migrated all servers to a new Datacenter", without informing any of their customers. It is now well over 18 hours and i still cannot connect to my server in any way. Support is not responding and btw i cannot even control the server from their admin page (start/stop/restart). | Source | |
Overall Rating
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