Client Name Anaiz Velez
Date Oct 21, 2017
Overall Testimonial 10/10 support 10/10 services i was using this service in 1 years+ and no problem, what a great services. recommended.
Overall Rating
Client Name Mathias Olsen
Date Oct 13, 2017
Overall Testimonial Fantastic company! Ive been here for month, i think since the start?.. Whatever! Ive been here for a long time and since the start they REALLY stepped up their game, in the start there was some abuse and it took some time to take care of it, now its almost instant and the support, not to mention that, its so fantastic and REALLY fast and for myself, there 24/7 LIVECHAT! Support at the max AND their flexible at the max! Overall, better than OVH, Contabo and the other companies. Surprising good!
Overall Rating
Client Name Multi orders
Date Oct 08, 2017
Overall Testimonial Very Great Service always Happy.
Overall Rating
Client Name BraNk Noll
Date Oct 06, 2017
Overall Testimonial The best that i have ever used is this server for this i'm given you guys 101%%%%% rate 1 Your ass is guarantee 2 Stable is there motor 3 Teams are there for you 24/7 4 Standard update 24/7 5 Tracking update 24/7 6 I have used plenty of this server companies None that as good as this dude.
Overall Rating
Client Name Sense Pin
Date Sep 27, 2017
Overall Testimonial this support legend!
Overall Rating
Client Name Thomas Menzies
Date Sep 25, 2017
Overall Testimonial Bought from them a couple times now, every time i contact support i get a fast response and is usually solved within 24 hours. They've also given me a discount, will be definitely staying with this host for the foreseeable future.
Overall Rating
Client Name Igor Borisov
Date Sep 19, 2017
Overall Testimonial They love their customers and help to solve any problems best way. Very recommended.
Overall Rating
Client Name Brickell Mike
Date Sep 15, 2017
Overall Testimonial The reviewer has not posted an opinion. (Rated only)
Overall Rating
Client Name HawkEye CEO
Date Sep 15, 2017
Overall Testimonial Well I have tried 100's of different RDP's and Dedicated Server because this is my life. :P I have to say this service is wonderful and awesome because their support team is very kind. They talk like friends and sort your issue ASAP but I think you won't have any issue in future because they are providing SOLID SERVICES. Great services and Good Luck for futhur.
Overall Rating
Client Name Fabian sunday
Date Sep 13, 2017
Overall Testimonial i have tried alot of rdp service but none has satisfied me like service. i used their shared hosted rdp and it was great. i will definitely go for their dedicated server. if you wanna buy their service please do u won't regret it.
Overall Rating
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