Client Name mysterious defy
Date Mar 08, 2022
Overall Testimonial the best server you could ever use in a windows dedicated server, friendly amount per servers and always online. hes always available to attend to your problems.
Overall Rating
Client Name ssg toolz
Date Feb 03, 2022
Overall Testimonial Reliable. I enjoyed using RootLayer and never regretted using it as my server RootLayer has been very STABLE, SATIFISFYING and RELIABLE.
Overall Rating
Client Name lilian Gomez
Date Jan 22, 2022
Overall Testimonial Root layer gives you me edge over all servers i have tried in recent times, support is great, service is superb, fast affordable and reliable.
Overall Rating
Client Name MAYA SL
Date Jan 21, 2022
Overall Testimonial Excellent Service.. i recommend this site. good services and good Product.
Overall Rating
Client Name Ruflex Pro
Date Dec 23, 2021
Overall Testimonial Best RDP server provider :) | Source | Google Review |
Overall Rating
Client Name phoon h
Date Sep 08, 2021
Overall Testimonial Great support, had a problem and they fixed it easily and also sent me the guide so I can do it myself in the future! Thank you! | Source | Google |
Overall Rating
Client Name Zero Hate
Date Aug 09, 2021
Overall Testimonial I love your service and its really amazing. Keep the good works up and i promise you guys more referral | Source | |
Overall Rating
Client Name Henry Weber
Date Jul 21, 2021
Overall Testimonial Reliable & Awesome customer service. Rootlayer is undeniably the best ever. Tested and Trusted 100%. Keep up the good work guys. VERY SATIFISFYING!!
Overall Rating
Client Name Linda J Gage
Date Jul 04, 2021
Overall Testimonial I've been working with this guy for quite a long time now .. Call it a year or almost and he has always delivered very good and quality servers that has superseded almost all others and that i am happy about Very responsive and support works very well. I can actually give him 9/ stars thought | Source | Google |
Overall Rating
Client Name Halid Arsajev
Date Jul 03, 2021
Overall Testimonial I am customer since this year and i am really really satisfied with service and support. The RDP's are freaking stable and never really had problems with connections or whatever. But you have to be sure with what you are doing and should be able to configure firewall for incoming connections etc. I recently had a problem with my payment. I was in vacation and had no possibilities to check my mails and was not able to pay my (unknown) invoice. Support was REALLY fast and accepted my request to check if it's possible to "revive" the server to get at least a backup of all my datas on it. It should've had already deleted but they were able to get my server back as it was before with all my datas. And still the same IP-Adress and everything like before. I'm glad that i am ordering my Dedicated Servers only from rootlayer. So far my best experience (tried 3 other web services).
Overall Rating
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