Client Name cici z
Date Aug 11, 2018
Overall Testimonial I have tried other company which failed me but rootlayer rescued me and gave me what i wanted exactly. The customer service is 100% and everything else is perfect. Well done guys!
Overall Rating
Client Name Roberta Johnson
Date Aug 05, 2018
Overall Testimonial I tried many many hosting and VPS providers, out of all those Rootlayer is the best service i used. Servers never went offline, performance of server is top notch. Extremely satisfied with Rootlayer service.
Overall Rating
Client Name GreyHat Services
Date Aug 04, 2018
Overall Testimonial This is the best place for rdp and other of their services, they have very good support and I've been with them for two years now, you can be so sure of your satisfaction. Good luck! | Source | Google Review |
Overall Rating
Client Name Kovacs Alex
Date Aug 02, 2018
Overall Testimonial I got a custom dedicated server from them. The support was fast and friendly! And they're not that pricey either, I'm recommending their services for anyone in need for a server!
Overall Rating
Client Name Maximilian Adler
Date Aug 01, 2018
Overall Testimonial Great service, Badrul is one of the best guys ive ever known, he helped me a lot and maked me so much discounts and gifts, root layer is the best choice for any of you who need a server!!!!
Overall Rating
Client Name omar thani
Date Aug 01, 2018
Overall Testimonial Good job ! excellent customer service 24/7. using rootlayer for a long time and its been a smooth experience so far | Source | Google Review |
Overall Rating
Client Name Proxies 24
Date Jul 09, 2018
Overall Testimonial Nice machines, purchased today, its so fast and works perfectly. Didnt had any problem yet but I suppose I wont have. Thanks and dont hesistate to purchase.
Overall Rating
Client Name qwee qwe
Date Jul 05, 2018
Overall Testimonial i try it befor many month i buy vps and its good speed and support and now im buy Dedicated Server for my web hosting its very good very speed
Overall Rating
Client Name Gary Reulet
Date Jun 29, 2018
Overall Testimonial I've been with this provider for a while now and I've never had a problem. The servers are fast, the connection is stable, the support is very good and I'm very happy and the prices are not expensive pour les français Je suis chez ce fournisseur depuis un moment, et je n'ai jamais eu de problème. Les serveurs sont rapides, la connexion est stable, le support est très réactif, je suis très heureux et les prix ne sont pas chers.
Overall Rating
Client Name Jave King Lora
Date May 24, 2018
Overall Testimonial Very fast response and a trustworthy. They take a fast solution every single problem. Recommended! 5 star!!!
Overall Rating
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