Client Name James Bond
Date Dec 29, 2018
Overall Testimonial I've been using this service for like 3years now. Have enjoyed every bit of it and they've always been there to help me sort out problems.
Overall Rating
Client Name Ionut Alexandru
Date Dec 19, 2018
Overall Testimonial Top Server Providers! Loving those guys ♥
Overall Rating
Client Name Root Servers
Date Dec 18, 2018
Overall Testimonial Best service, prices, server performance, literally the best! |
Overall Rating
Client Name Doul Lak
Date Nov 08, 2018
Overall Testimonial Amazing i've been using them for years!!!
Overall Rating
Client Name Neutro Fority
Date Nov 03, 2018
Overall Testimonial Awesome and HQ i got my rdp :D its working as promised
Overall Rating
Client Name kevin fabre
Date Oct 16, 2018
Overall Testimonial Good service and outstanding support!
Overall Rating
Client Name Naked Turtle
Date Oct 08, 2018
Overall Testimonial Amazing service, been using them for atleast 8+ Months. I've ordered well over 5 - 7 RDPS
Overall Rating
Client Name Ahmed Atef
Date Sep 29, 2018
Overall Testimonial Great company & customer service always high-quality hosts and as fast as possible.
Overall Rating
Client Name Kirk Howard
Date Sep 22, 2018
Overall Testimonial Best VPS service you can find in the Market. There was a little mistake with OS installation and I got compensated with an extra week on my subscription. Really remarkable.
Overall Rating
Client Name Brandon Haw
Date Aug 17, 2018
Overall Testimonial Amazing server hosting, the best company that I have ever worked with, their staff is always so kind and helpful, and it is clear that they love their customers. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is looking for cheap and reliable server hosting.
Overall Rating
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