3. Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

3.1 – The Services are designed for lawful use only. It is your responsibility to fully understand and appreciate the laws of the Netherlands, and the state set out in the paragraph entitled "Choice of Law," when using our Services.
3.2 – Your use of the Services must be reasonable. You may not use excessive bandwidth other than what promised during the purchase or may not use Streaming/CDN like activities other than the product/package which allow you to do so. You agree that we may place restrictions on your use of the Services to the extent that they exceed the use of the Services by similarly situated customers.
3.3 – You agree to cooperate with us to facilitate your use of the Services. This cooperation includes, but is not limited to, providing us with correct contact and billing information, designing material that is "server-ready" and ensuring that you, your employees and/or agents have sufficient technical expertise to understand how to implement the Services.
3.4 – We strive to maintain a high level of service, and a lot of customers depend on our high standards of quality. As such, we will not provide Services to those that are using our Services for:

3.4.1 – Hacking, which includes, for example, penetrating or attempting to access, without authorization, another computer or network. Port scans, Botnet, stealth scans, and fraudulent credit card "phishing" techniques are also prohibited.

3.4.2 – Hosting any kind of Virus or Malware or anything that can be harmful by downloading/spreading is prohibited.

3.4.3 – Hosting of files or other data that infringes on another's copyright or other intellectual property rights.

3.4.4 – Spamming, or sending of bulk unsolicited email. We maintain a strict policy on spamming, which includes the sending of unauthorized commercial messages by use of our services, or by maintaining an open SMTP connection. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service based on reasonable indications that you are engaged in spamming of any sort.

3.4.5 – Network abuse, Sending DOS (denial-of-service attack), Unauthorized Stress testing, Unauthorized excessive traffic sending is not acceptable.

3.4.6 – Uploading or linking to any content that violates another's right of publicity or privacy.

3.4.7 – Distributing hate speech, or any other content that is obscene, abusing, which could be considered libelous and defamatory.

3.4.8 – Hosting, storing, or distributing child pornography. If any such content is found and brought to our attention, the proper law enforcement agencies will be notified.

3.4.9 – Customers may not use our servers for streaming or CDN services except with RootLayer Web Services LTD’s prior written consent, which consent may be granted or withheld at RootLayer Web Services LTD’s sole discretion. For CDN/Streaming Servers, Contact us or See If we have CDN servers already offered On-Site.

3.4.10 – You may not use the Services in any way that violates the laws governing this TOS, or of the jurisdiction in which you reside or where your business is established.

3.4.11 – We retain the right, at our discretion, to refuse to provide new service to any individual, group or business, or to discontinue providing the Services to you if you, or your customers, have excessive, multiple, and/or repeated violations of our accepted uses.

3.4.12 – We retain the right, at our discretion, to refuse to provide new service to any individual, group or business, or to discontinue providing services if we deem that your services or actions negatively impact the stability of our platforms and/or our ability to provide services to our clients.

3.4.13 – We reserve the rights to login to the Subscriber’s Server with or without notice for a resolution or Co-operation.

3.4.14 – If any client found guilty in Fraudulent / Phishing / Spoofing / Cheating / Spamming or any kinds of other disallowed activities in the name of RootLayer.net / RootLayer Web Services LTD / Rootlayer Emails, Your services with us will be terminated immediately. No matter how much you are paying for the service. This type of abuses simply can not be tolerated.

If any illegal activities happen through our Network or Resources, Follow the below steps.

Send us Report with truthful, proper evidence & acceptable logs here – complain@rootlayer.net

How to report? https://rootlayer.net/billing/index.php/knowledgebase/28/How-to-report-an-Abuse-complaint.html

Note: Any false report sent to us will be ignored and no action will be taken against it due to non-proper evidence/ non-truthful/or un-acceptable information provided. Also, a needful action might be taken against the false reporter.


Last Updated: 03/07/19 (July)

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