starting at€15/mo

KVM Raid10


What can beat a Raid10 Performed Storage with 10G Network Port? Do you need remote PC to continue your tasks? It keeps your activities up to 24x7x365. Sign up now!

  •   Pure Performance Storage

  •   Raid10 Performed Disks

  •   KVM Virtualization/ No OverSold

  •   1gE Dedicated Network Speed

  •   Highest uptime 99.9% Plus

  •   600GB+ Network Capacity

starting at€38/mo



Need more power? Need to have full access of your machine? Want to create magic? Checkout our Root Deals.

  •   Minimal of 8 Cores/Hyper Threading

  •   1G Premium Network Port

  •   High Bandwidth Starts from 50TB

  •   RootCare Panel Included

  •   Highest uptime 99.9% Plus

  •   600GB+ network Capacity

starting at€299/mo

Root CDN


Want to broadcast your world? Need Content Delivery Network? Really in need of High Data transfer Server? No Bandwidth usage Restriction? Stream your world with our cheapest CDN/Streaming offers. Sign Up now!

  •   Starts with 32 CPU Processor/HT

  •   1G, 2G, 5G & 10G Network Port

  •   No Data Usage Restriction at all

  •   CDN/Streaming Enabled/NoLimit

  •   Highest uptime 99.9% Plus

  •   600GB+ network Capacity

starting at€149/mo

Root Storage


Want to have a real storage provider for your big data? How much storage do you actually need? Up to 220TB SAS3 12Gbps Storage order possibility by default. Contact us for even more storage order. Sign Up now!

  •   Starts with 8 CPU Processor/HT

  •   1G & 10G Network Port

  •   16TB to 220TB+ Storage

  •   Unmetered Data-Transfer(No-CDN)

  •   Highest uptime 99.9% Plus

  •   600GB+ network Capacity


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We offer very good clients area securities so you can prevent it being getting hacked or scanned.

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You can earn a percentage or resale our products at your own pricing. Start a discussion with us.

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Whatever you host with us, it will be hosted on the premium quality hardware & servers only.

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We do not store or "Apply hash instead" any info related to your credit card payments. It will remain invisible.

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