Who is RootLayer?

RootLayer.net an “Internet Service Provider” Serving with trust since 2010 Mid. We offer various Internet-Related Services & Products (Online Servers generally). Our Previous Brand Name was “XeonRDP” Founded in 2013 Mid. We have expanded the business with “RootLayer” & Assigned More Staffs, Products, Features & Securities.

We offer affordable solutions for our clients. We store your servers or valuable data within the world’s best DataCenters Located in the Netherlands. Whatever you host with us, it will be hosted on the premium quality hardware & servers only.

Our assigned staff will response your queries on time as always. Even in Weekends or in GOVT Holidays. We have around 96% Plus satisfied users.

Currently, we are involved in the “Internet hosting” Department only. We are improving the quality of our services & products day by day and enlarging the customer experience.

We are not a big company having millions of users with low satisfaction rate. Rather, We are happy to have a few thousands of subscribers with higher satisfaction rate which is 95%  Plus 🙂

Got more questions to ask before joining us? Just ask us. Have a great day!

Company Address: 134/7 B, Furfura Sharif Road, Darus Salam, Mirpur 1216, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Reach us – https://rootlayer.net/reach-us/

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