Why Choose ROOT Servers?

Know More Below

Desktop Processor

We have arranged some Desktop based processors with inbuilt GPU so you don't get failed with us for your projects.

Network Ports

All servers come with Unshared 100Mbit or 1Gbit by default, and you can upgrade it to 2GE & 10GE.

High Bandwidth

We know your requirements and that is why we offer very high premium 100TB Bandwidth to start. You can get more.

RootCare Panel

We offer you a "RootCare Panel". Remote Reboot, Data-Usage view, Edit rDNS, OS re-Installs, & many more Features.

Easy Upgrades

With Rootlayer, You can easily build your server because we aim to offer you this level of quality & customizing.

Great Uptime

Do you want to keep your activities online for 24x7x365? It is 99.9% Uptime we guarantee you can't get wrong with.

Network Capacity

We have enough capacity to host your existing/future projects. We have 100GBPS+ Network Capacity with 3 Datacenters

Payment Methods

Tired of searching your Payment Methods? We have 40+ popular accepted payment Methods you can try with.

Intel E3-12xx v3 (Score: 6.3K)8GB DDR3 RAM (ECC-Registered)HDD/SSD/NVMe (Max 6 Disks)100Mbit Full (Max 40GE)50 Terabytes (Configurable)1 Included (Max 7)Netherlands (Westland)$55/MOConfigure
2x Silver 4108 (Score: 16K)64GB DDR4 RAM (ECC-Registered)HDD/SSD/NVMe (Max 16 Disks)1GE Full (Max 40GE)100 Terabytes (Configurable)1 Included (Max 16)Netherlands (Westland)$269/MOConfigure
2x Gold 5120 (Score: 30K)128GB DDR4RAM (ECC-Registered)HDD/SSD/NVMe (Max 16 Disks)1GE Full (Max 40GE)100 Terabytes (Configurable)1 Included (Max 30)Netherlands (Westland)$459/MOConfigure
2x Gold 6130 (Score: 36K)192GB DDR4RAM (ECC-Registered)HDD/SSD/NVMe (Max 16 Disks)1GE Full (Max 40GE)100 Terabytes (Configurable)1 Included (Max 36)Netherlands (Westland)$579/MOConfigure
2x Platinm 8160 (Score: 50K)256GB DDR4RAM (ECC-Registered)HDD/SSD/NVMe (Max 16 Disks)1GE Full (Max 40GE)100 Terabytes (Configurable)1 Included (Max 50)Netherlands (Westland)$799/MOConfigure
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