Refer & Earn

You can now earn real money with us by referring your friends, family or even strangers who buy products & services from us. All you have to have a registered account with us & buy one successful product from us for at least one time/one month. You don’t need an active service with us. Just need a registered account with us which is free. Follow the below easy steps to get started –

How to start?
1.    Register an account with us if you don’t have any yet by going here – Register Link
2.    Login Into your account if you are not logged in yet by going here – Login Link
3.    Now, access This Link and activate your affiliate activities.
4.    You should have seen/received a unique affiliate referral link looks like – (This link is an example, Not your one)
5.    Spread the referral link to them who may purchase via your referral link.
6.    Finally, Your huge earning should have started.

What is special?
1.    You will be credited when a Valid purchase occurs from your link.
2.    We track the visitors you refer to us using cookies, so users you refer don’t have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission.
3.    Cookies last for up to 90 days following the initial visit of your traffic/visitor.
4.    You will be credited as long as your referred user is paying for that service he/she subscribed first time using your referral link. Isn’t it interesting?
5.    Earn Fixed 10% from the sales you bring.
6.    Share the referral link to your friends, family & stranger. No matter how many sales you generate.

Earning percentage per sale –
1.    Successful Sales generated from Windows RDP/VPS will be credited with 10% per sale (Fixed). Not a one-time income, it is recurring income (If subscriber keeps renewing the same product).
2.    Successful Sales generated from Dedicated Servers will be credited with 10% per sale (Fixed). Not a one-time income, it is recurring income (If subscriber keeps renewing the same product).

Earnings Example
1.    Windows RDP/VPS with 10% per sale – Minimum of 1.8 USD to Max of 79 USD Per sale. (If Default Pricing)
2.    Dedicated Servers with 10% per sale – Minimum of 5.5 USD to Max of 200 USD or 10x More Per sale. (If Default Pricing)

How to withdraw earned money?
1.    The Minimum Affiliate Payout amount is 50 USD only.
2.    Due to online fraud & chargeback matters, you are eligible to request a payout for your generated sales after 45 days.
3.    We pay through Crypto-Currencies/Bitcoin (Preferred).
4.    If our Payout Gateway face issue paying to Affiliates, we may provide you with Credit Balance instead. You can use Credit Balance to purchase products & services we are offering.
5.    If you think you have earned enough (50 USD Minimum), Click This Link to request a Withdrawal.

Important Terms to Know –

  1. We hate cheating. So, don’t try to buy using your own link.
  2. Same time, two promo/discount will not be applied. Example – You use Discount Level or any Promo Code during the usage of this Affiliate Referral.
  3. Any “Add-ons” Purchased by your subscribers will be credited to your account manually since it can be an “OT/One Time” Payment Product.
  4. If Referred sale brings charge-back or gets refunded, Your earned money from that exact user will be disappeared.
  5. If your brought subscribers bring repeated chargebacks, Your affiliate offer might be Turned-Off/Banned/Closed whatever you call.
  6. You should have at least one purchased product with us (Active or Inactive). Otherwise, we reserve the rights to erasing your empty account.
  7. Earn 50 USD before requesting a withdrawal. All earned money must have earned 45 days ago before requesting a withdrawal.
  8. Try bringing quality traffics or purchase or visitors only. Keep the environment clean.
  9. You must follow and agree with our Terms and Services (AIO)

Thanks & wish you all the best spreading your referral link.

Last Update:- 06/02/2022 (February)

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