Be 24x7 Online

Be 24x7 Active and Online through our Virtual Private Server. Run your Application with peace of mind.

Cloud Storage

A quality data storage facility at affordable cost. Running Windows servers never been easier than this.

RootCare Panel

Strong RootCare Panel for your server management. A lot of SelfCare facilities are included.

10GE Backbone

You never get slow speed with us. We have 10GE Backbone for each Node. 10x more than some of our competitors.

600GBPS Backbone

Our backbone is 600Gbps or more at the moment. Have you a Big project to start? We don't fear. Additional always ready.

Never Fail

With our superior Dedicated server team, You will never be disappointed with our support staffs. (According to ToS)

You'r Secured

We have several options to protect you. You are secured by default. Read Instructions properly.

100% Uptime

Almost 100% or Equal. We aim to offer the best uptime possible. Already proven & will maintain.

2x Intel® Xeon® vCore 2.0 GHz3GB DDR3 Ram60GB HDD (Raid-10)1Gbit Unshared3TB (3,000GB)1 Included (Max 2)Amsterdam (NL)€15/PMLet's Build
4x Intel® Xeon® vCore 2.0 GHz6GB DDR3 Ram120GB HDD (Raid-10)1Gbit Unshared6TB (6,000GB)1 Included (Max 4)Amsterdam (NL)€30/PMLet's Build
6x Intel® Xeon® vCore 2.0 GHz9GB DDR3 Ram180GB HDD (Raid-10)1Gbit Unshared10TB (10,000GB)1 Included (Max 6)Amsterdam (NL)€45/PMLet's Build
8x Intel® Xeon® vCore 2.0 GHz12GB DDR3 Ram240GB HDD (Raid-10)1Gbit Unshared15TB (15,000GB)1 Included (Max 8)Amsterdam (NL)€60/PMLet's Build