How to report Abuse complaints?

We hope we can 100% co-operate with you to prevent abusive activities. 


> Send us acceptable info about the Hacking, Unauthorized scanning, Port Scan, Phishing & Credit Card frauding activities logs. If your info is insufficient, the complaint can remain unresolved. It does not mean we will not co-operate with the abusive complaints but it is too hard to resolve such complaints if the logs from the reporter are insufficient or not enough.

> Network abuse, Sending DOS (denial-of-service attack), Unauthorized Stress testing, Unauthorized excessive traffic sending is not acceptable. Please report us with enough information so we can take action.

> If our server(s) are/is hosting any data which is owned by someone else or copyright infringement, please report us properly. Also, make sure to prove yourself the owner or an authorized party to report such contents. 

> Unauthorized spamming is not welcomed. If you are reporting unauthorized spamming, Please make sure your report is correct. If you were subscribing to the sender and did not unsubscribe + reporting against the sender, Your report may be ignored. If you do not know the subscriber, Please report the spam. Also, do not click any messages to the unknown spammer as it can infect you or attempt to perform a phishing activity.

> Any type of child-pornography are disallowed. Also, Illegal adult contents are not allowed. Please report this if you find any. Make sure you are a part of an authorized party to report such contents. 

> Hosting hate speeches including politics, religion or government is fully prohibited. Please report against this with sufficient information.

Send the abuse complaint(s) to this email -

Or Open a ticket here -

Please Feedback if we missed anything. 

Best wishes.

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