Why Choose ROOT Servers?

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Premium Hardware

Whatever you host with us, it will be hosted on the premium quality hardware & servers only. Thanks to Dell, HP, Supermicro & Lenovo.



You build your own server with us. You can select between Processors, Storage, Ram, Bandwidth, Operating Systems & Many more.

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Network Port

You will enjoy unshared dedicated network port speed with us. You can select between 1Gbit to 20Gbit or Even higher network port speed.


High Bandwidth

Unlimited Download forever + 20TB Upload by default which is mighty. However, You can always upgrade the upload data at an affordable cost.

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Network Capacity

Together, We have 3 Datacenters and our network capacity is more than 5Tbps. All 3 Datacenters are located in the Netherlands.

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Management Panel

You can enjoy the special management panel we offer to remotely manage your server whenever you need. KVM is also included for free.

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24 x 7 Uptime

We have got the solution for you. We make sure your network will offer 99.99% or higher uptime guarantee. No matter what according to our Terms.

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Payment Methods

We have customers from all over the world. With 40+ popular accepted payment Methods, you can't get wrong with us.

2x Intel Xeon E5606 (8Cores, 8x 2.13 GHz)16GB DDR3 RAM (ECC-Registered)HDD/SSD/DC (Max 4 Drives)1Gbit UnsharedNoLimit In (20TB Out)1 Included (Max 8)Databarn (Netherlands)€49.00/PMLet's Build
2x Intel E5-2650-2690v2 (32Cores, 32x 2.80 GHz)32GB DDR3 RAM (ECC-Registered)HDD/SSD/DC (Max 4 Drives)1Gbit UnsharedNoLimit In (20TB Out)1 Included (Max 48)Databarn (Netherlands)€149.00/PMLet's Build
2x Intel E5-2620v3-2690v4 (24Cores, 24x 3.20 GHz)32GB DDR4 RAM (ECC-Registered)HDD/SSD/NVMe (Max 4 Disks)1Gbit UnsharedNoLimit In (20TB Out)1 Included (Max 64)Databarn (Netherlands)€169.00/PMLet's Build