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Microsoft's default "Remote Desktop Connection Manager" Or Tool may not offer GPU experience from an inbuilt GPU processor or Externally added Dedicated GPU Server.

Requirements -

  1. You must check first whether your Package or Plan or Product you purchased from us or will purchase from us has any GPU offer or if that is accepted.
  2. Your Configuration must has an Inbuilt GPU which comes for free with Purchased Configuration.
  3. If no Inbuilt GPU available with your current configuration, you will need to buy addon/External GPU/Video Card which will be attached to your Server.
  4. Make sure your GPU has its current/recent/Supported Driver installed. Choose correct OS Driver for your GPU Card or Inbuilt.
  5. Check your server configuration with this software if you need
  6. If you are adding External or Dedicated GPU/Video Card, Make sure to Disable any On-Board GPu attached. Contact us for further assistance, if requires.

If you have already discussed with our staff about it, you may not have to follow the above points. Just Telling :) But should not be ignored.

Question - Now if Microsoft's Default Tools does not allow GPU experience to be enjoyed, which Tool or Software to use?

Answer - We recommend using a Software named "Nomachine". Official Site is

Be noted that, before Start using Nomachine, You need to install it inside Server and In your Home PC or MAC. If you are using Windows Server/OS, You should have RDP access for sure. You use RDP access to loging in into The server first so you can install app.

Now If your Home PC is Windows or Mac, The below Tutorial is sufficient for you.

That's not all. We will be assisting you. Even through App, if requires. What's more you need?

Extra Knowledge:- During the "Loging in into the server process" through Nomachine app, You may face difficulty performing a "Ctrl + ALT+ DEL"

Read here for more information -

Also, Be noted that there are more than one Softwares who can let you enjoy GPU experience other than the Nomachine app (If you find difficulty using this app) but you need to find that out and talk to the Application or software developer directly for further assistance.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry about this topic.

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