900GBPS network capacity Now for our Evoswitch DC

300 Gbit Telia

200 Gbit Core backbone

100 Gbit Rent

100 Gbit Private Peer Phoenixnap

100 Gbit Amsix

100 Gbit NTT

We thank all our subscribers for staying with us and keep supporting.

8th Oct 2018
2TB SSD & 4TB SSD are now available for ordering

We have added 2TB SSD and 4TB SSD ordering option with our Evoswitch Datacenter servers in the Netherlands. So now not only HDD Storage servers you can expect with us but you can expect SSD Storage servers as well.


8th Oct 2018
Credit & Debit Cards Payment option is Ready

First of all, we are sorry for the troubles you faced in the recent months or weeks. Finally, we have added the Credit Cards Payment option for our subscribers. On the Payment Method field, you can find Credit Cards option via the Dropdown menu.Example - Hope this helps. Please reach us if you need any assistance ... Lees verder »

24th Jul 2018
Please contact us if you are facing troubles paying your Server bill

Hi,We may still help you for making Paypal or Credit card payments but only via the 'Manual Way' until we add our on-site Credit Card processor which can take up to 21 days from now. Read more here - https://rootlayer.net/billing/index.php/announcements/10/Paypal-No-Longer-Available-.htmlDon't worry. Contact us while we will try to make you ... Lees verder »

21st Jun 2018
Root Dedicated Storage Offers Launched.

The 'RootLayer Web Services LTD. is gladly announcing New Product name 'ROOT DEDICATED STORAGE *EVO*'In short, Storage Dedicated servers. We aim to offer high storage dedicated server solution online. We will offer 16TB - 220TB SAS3 12gbps Storage solution by default and you can demand more by contacting us. Offers can be browsed here ... Lees verder »

16th May 2018
CVE-2018-0886 | CredSSP Remote Code Execution Vulnerability | Microsoft OS Related

You may face error while connecting to Windows RDP from your home PC or any Windows Operating system your device may have. Microsoft has released a solution for this on 8th of May. You have to follow the instructions according to the Microsoft to be able to resolve this issue. There is nothing RootLayer Web Services LTD. ... Lees verder »

10th May 2018
Bitcoin Payment gateway fee again set to 1%

Hello,First of all, Sorry for the inconvenience. We had to get back to Coinify.com who were processing our payments earlier. Now the fee for Bitcoin transactions again set to 1%. Reason - Coinpayments.net is really a great Bitcoin wallet friendly company with the lowest fee possible for receiving. But the problem is, when we send Bitcoin to ... Lees verder »

20th Nov 2017
Bitcoin Payment gateway fee lowered 1% to 0.5%

Hello,We were using http://coinify.com/ but now changed to https://www.coinpayments.net which will help our users as it will lower the gateway fee 1% to 0.5%. Not only that, our users has faced some issues with http://coinify.com/ when paid partially. With https://www.coinpayments.net , They can pay the remaining fund as well if paid invoice ... Lees verder »

31st Oct 2017
Cyber Security Awareness Port 445/SMB over TCP

Port 445 provides SMB over TCP.  From Microsoft  "Windows supports file and printer sharing traffic by using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol directly hosted on TCP. This differs from earlier operating systems, in which SMB traffic requires the NetBIOS over TCP (NBT) protocol to work on a TCP/IP transport." If not at the top of the list, ... Lees verder »

8th Oct 2017
Network expansion to 4 Tbit/s

Network expansion to 4 Tbit/s In order to maintain the quality of our services and due the very high demand for bandwidth, we will expand our network even further. Last week new Arista routers have been added to our network. This week 500 Gbit/s of extra transit capacity will be connected and next week an additional 500 Gbit/s will be connected. ... Lees verder »

5th Oct 2017

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