Paypal Payment method added!

  • 8th February 2022

We have added Paypal payment method now.

The fee is 5.5 % + 0.35 USD

Thanks for being with us.

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Site Currency Changed from EUR to USD

  • 6th February 2022
After 7 long years (Since 2015), we are now changing the official site currency from EUR to USD. Unfortunately, we cannot keep both EUR & USD currency at the same time. Therefore, we are keeping only USD as our default currency. In the past few years, EUR to USD rate was several. Sometimes, it was high and sometimes, it was low. We saw 1 ...
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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Payment is added!

  • 12th December 2021
We have great news for our existing & future customers as we are now accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) beside Bitcoin (BTC). Sometimes, Bitcoin charge crazy fees while making payment(s). Therefore, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can save you a lot of unexpected fees while making payment(s). Bitcoin Cash charge very low fee, and we hope you all will enjoy ...
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Improved Bandwidth pricing!

  • 11th December 2021
For The Netherlands (WestLand) Datacenter only. This is our primary Datacenter currently. Metered pricing - Now 100 TB DataTransfer (Included) for all servers (Previously 50TB) 2GE network speed with 250TB DataTransfer = 99 EUR Only (Newly Added) 5GE network speed with 500TB DataTransfer = 199 EUR Only (Newly Added) Unmetered/NoLimit pricing ...
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