Site Currency Changed from EUR to USD

  • Sunday, 6th February, 2022
  • 09:57am

After 7 long years (Since 2015), we are now changing the official site currency from EUR to USD.

Unfortunately, we cannot keep both EUR & USD currency at the same time. Therefore, we are keeping only USD as our default currency.

In the past few years, EUR to USD rate was several. Sometimes, it was high and sometimes, it was low.

We saw 1 EUR had a pricing of 1.55 USD at once. And we saw 1 EUR had 1.05 USD rate as well.

After checking all ups & downs, we decided to keep the following rate for now -

1 EUR = 1.20 USD

Our Customers will see their current server bills will change according to the above rate.

Before the 6th February 2022, All pricing you are seeing with USD sign were actually with EUR currency.

So, do not be confused.

Updated on: 6th February 2022.

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