Improved Bandwidth pricing!

  • Saturday, 11th December, 2021
  • 13:33pm

For The Netherlands (WestLand) Datacenter only. This is our primary Datacenter currently.

Metered pricing -

Now 100 TB DataTransfer (Included) for all servers (Previously 50TB)

2GE network speed with 250TB DataTransfer = 99 EUR Only (Newly Added)

5GE network speed with 500TB DataTransfer = 199 EUR Only (Newly Added)

Unmetered/NoLimit pricing -

1GE Unmetered = 59 EUR Only (Previously 89 EUR)

2GE Unmetered = 199 EUR Only (Previously 249 EUR)

5GE Unmetered = 599 EUR Only (Unchanged)

10GE Unmetered = 999 EUR Only (Unchanged)

We can offer 20GE or 40GE or above as well. Just contact us so we can find the best possible deal(s) for you.

You can always ask for a discount over regular site pricing. Do not hesitate.

Note: We have unshared network ports only. No Shared ones.

Enjoy the improved pricing and offers.

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