Default Server DataTransfer has been doubled

  • Friday, 10th December, 2021
  • 06:48am

From the beginning, we always had 50TB DataTransfer included per server by default. (or less)

Now, we have recently changed the limit and raised to 100TB DataTransfer. So this is a very good news for the customers who need more freedom to their DataTransfer limit.

We are also happy to announce this update/change.

This change made for the following DataCenter only, which is our main Datacenter right now:-

The Netherlands (Westland)

Previously 50TB DataTransfer

Now 100TB DataTransfer

All existing users from this DataCenter with 50TB DataTransfer limit will be free upgraded to 100TB DataTransfer plan.

New orders will get 100TB DataTransfer by default as well.

Enjoy this upgrade.

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