Win SSD Raid10 RDP *10G* (FUP)


1. Your personal account, Data & access are 100% Private & Unshared.

2. The Resources Including Processor, Ram Memory & IP address specially are shared between users.

3. Server Staff will Install applications or software which require Root Access to be installed. Kindly Ask us for getting it done.

4. Server IPs are Static. Using Proxies or Socks is not Accepted. The VPN will not be accepted or allowed.

5. Staff will open user's required ports on Request.

6. Offered Operating System or the version itself is static or unchangeable. Contact us for getting a Recommendation.

7. System Drive/C Drive Is used to store System related & important data only. It is not for storing user's data.

8. You are asked to store your data inside the storage drive can be found in the desktop area named "My Storage Drive".

9. You will be asked to upgrade your HDD/Storage Drive/Plan if you reached using your storage drive in full.

10. We will contact or Warn user if he/she overuses the resource (Ram/CPU/Network). Contact us for getting a Recommendation.

11. User May not run or generate too many processes from his/her account. We will be forced to apply any needed action.

12. It is not recommended to use This RDPs for hosting your Website. Contact us for getting a Recommendation.

13. Regular RDPs are not eligible to use for streaming or CDN activities. Contact us for a recommendation.

14. This Server will not accept any Virtual Machines to be installed. Contact us for getting a Recommendation.

15. We avoid Disclosing about the number of stored active users each server, unlike other providers. We make sure to deliver quality performance.

16. Any App/Tool/Software Consume hidden resources can be Blocked or canceled.

17. Any App that makes issues for other stored clients or server quality/performance will be ignored or not be installed.

18. We Reserve the rights to block or remove any data which has infection inbuilt or infected from the server to maintain a clean environment.

19. Users are asked to get their backup regularly even they are paying for the storage.

20. We are not responsible for any unexpected data loss or Hardware failure. This is a part of a Business.


  • Finally, Never be worried. Always contact us for a Cool Solution. 


Last Updated – 07/10/2017 (October)